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For reliable, heavy equipment hauling services that you can depend on, put your trust in Extreme Hauling, Inc. We are Canada’s preferred trucking company, providing professional and responsible transport of your construction equipment, farm equipment, heavy machinery and much more.

We are responsible, reliable & dedicated to getting the job done right.

Stress-Free Service With Our Heavy Machinery Haulers

Choosing the right trucking company for your heavy equipment hauling in Edmonton, AB is a serious decision. One small mistake can lead to thousands of dollars in damages and losses. Transporting heavy loads successfully requires having the right driver, the right equipment, and the right plan. Bringing all of these elements together can be difficult, stressful and time consuming. That’s why Extreme Hauling, Inc. offers to take all of the guesswork out of hauling your heavy equipment. Our unsurpassed ability to provide professional, experienced and reliable transportation of heavy equipment and machinery makes us Canada’s most trusted source for hauling services. For a stress-free route to heavy hauling you can depend on us.

Whether you need to move farm equipment across town or heavy machinery across the country, Extreme Hauling, Inc. can make it happen. While other trucking companies only offer equipment hauling in Edmonton, AB, we pride ourselves on our ability to go the extra mile in providing all the services that go into transporting heavy and oversized loads. From loading the equipment to planning the route, our experienced team of professionals will ensure that your equipment is successfully transported to wherever it needs to be, undamaged and on time. For equipment transport services and hauling, contact us! We are Canada’s trusted trucking company and here’s why:

  • We strive to make the hauling process as simple and stress-free for you as possible.
  • We offer a full-range of transport and heavy hauling services 24-hours a day.
  • Our team maintains the highest standards of excellence in customer service.
  • Our drivers are experienced professionals with certifications in Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), First Aid and WHMIS.
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